A virtual space? What for?

Your visitors will really have the feeling of being in your company!

In less than an hour, create your first virtual space and let your audience (customers, partners, professionals and individuals) discover your business and your values ​​in a fun and immersive way.

  • Posting on your website, on television screens in your lobby or lounge, for example …
  • Editable as often as you like depending on your charter and the theme chosen: events, products, institutional archives, thematic …
  • Adjustable and relevant through the integrated statistics tool that allows you to identify the path and time spent on each media.
  • Intuitive with a dedicated back office allowing you to manage your own space


With Showroom Studio, you are ready to create the buzz all around!

Are you an artist … you have no gallery to display or you want to show to the greatest number your artworks?
We have the solution!