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  • "SoBuzzy technology allowed us to offer a virtual inauguration. It is for Dassault Aviation an innovative communication tool that links the real and the virtual world allowing users around the world to discover this new device as an air show "

    Vadim FELDZER, Dassault Aviation Communications and Public Relations Manager.

  • "Thanks to our virtual booth, we generate qualified contacts throughout the year.

    We now have a permanent exhibition area which gives us more flexibility to launch new products or services. Thus, we are no longer constrained by the expectation of a physical event. We create the event! "

    Arnaud POUJARDIEU, former France and Benelux Sales Director at Dassault Systèmes.

  • "To support and celebrate its 2 years of existence, we wanted to present the Boulogne Business Club in a didactic, interactive and alive way, to new companies of Boulogne-Billancourt.

    Thanks to our 3D virtual space, we give a concrete aspect to Boulogne Business Club at any time and can adapt the space according to the information to broadcast. "

    Jehan Coquebert de Neuville, Maire adjoint au développement économique.

  • "The virtual space developed by SoBuzzy allows us to communicate throughout the year, in addition to some traditional trade shows.

    The management interface offered by SoBuzzy, intuitive and easy to use, allows to launch a new campaign without delay or additional cost: we only need to update the posters, videos, information bubbles, etc. . to promote a new offer or advertise a customer reference "

    Pauline DEGAUDENZI, former Head of Marketing and Communications at Segula Technologies

  • "Private Showroom Studio booths give each company the opportunity to enhance its offering as it wishes at any time, in a very responsive and unconstrained way.

    Real-time 3D can better reach customers than a classic site, and the results we have released have been very convincing "

    Stéphane PERCHENET, CIVI service Chief at Ubifrance

  • "To support the overhaul design of our website and visual identity of Bottin Carto, we wanted to introduce our wide range of mapping solutions in a didactic, interactive and alive way.

    Thanks to our showroom in 3D we give a concrete aspect to our offering and can at any time adjust the space according to a product launch or a targeted promotion.

    Very flexible the management tool allows you to work reactively and autonomously to update our showroom throughout the year and generate qualified "

    Dorothée MANI, Head of Marketing and Communications at Bottin Carto.