A range of services to help you

Showroom Studio is a software solution for creating virtual space on your own.
However, we offer additional services to enhance your space or help you in its broadcast.
Examples of additional services:

  • Creating a specific domain name and hosting your virtual space on our servers
  • Managed your virtual space
  • 3D modeling of your products
  • Live chat
  • Video conferencing interface
  • Speech synthesis for the host / hostess
  • Shopping cart system for e-commerce module
  • Link between multiple virtual spaces
  • Affiliate system

This list of services is of course not limited. If you have a need, feel free to submit.

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1. Efficiency: Invest in a solution for generating qualified leads at a lower cost with a maximized ROI. 

With Showroom Studio , generate new leads more easily by introducing your company differently, in a clear and innovative way.

2. Autonomy: Manage your marketing and communication content of your virtual space throughout the year. 

By choosing one of our models of virtual spaces ready to use, you can design, manage and publish a 3D virtual space on your website to showcase your products, solutions and services in a realistic and convincing way as if you present your company on a trade show.

You manage your content and publish them throughout the year worldwide and in total autonomy.

3. Optimization: Follow the path of your visitors, analyze their behavior and optimize your space as well as your communication. 

In addition to traditional statistics of clicks on links, you will know which collateral has been read or downloaded, which poster has been viewed, or how far users have watched a video.

You will also have the opportunity to study the path of Internet users by observing the traces they leave on the ground and finally know where they go, how they move, what interests them and what they look at their visit to your showroom to optimize accordingly.

4. Reactivity: Update content with a few clicks of your virtual space with your dedicated back office. 

The Showroom Studio back office interface is so intuitive and easy to use than only a few clicks will be enough to update all the content of your stand.

5. Customization: Choose among the 16 virtual spaces architectures proposed and adapt your space to your image with our ambiances and interior design configurator. 

You can
- Configure your ambiance and adjust your interior to meet your graphic guidelines and your communication strategy.
- Move and position each interactive element, change the colors and textures from floor to ceiling.
- Customize the speech of your host or hostess.
- Update all communication materials .

6. Intuitive: Let your customers and prospects move, interact and communicate like in real life with real-time 3D. 

In your virtual space, your visitors will
- Watch a video on a video screen,
- Browse or download brochures,
- Get information from a host or a virtual agent,
- Discover and manipulate your 3D product
- Etc.

7. Independence: Integrate your virtual space directly into your website. 

Your virtual space is on your own website. So you have control and can manage it in total independence.

8. Image: Communicate through a impacting and innovative way, while developing your image as a precursor. 

Your message both innovative and very clear with Showroom Studio allows you to reinforce your image.

9. Innovation: Choose a 3D solution, 100% scalable and at the cutting-edge to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

By binding the benefits of Internet to the interactivity of 3D real-time, you ensure a precursor image on your market and effective communication. You will be constantly at the forefront with the regular updates of Showroom Studio .

10. Simplicity: Save time through models of virtual spaces ready to use. 

Showroom Studio is a software in SaaS (Software as a Service) available through an annual subscription .
The principle of Showroom Studio subscription significantly reduces costs by removing the initial investment in hardware, software and maintenance.